Axle, CV Joint & Drive Shaft

The CV joint is part of the drive shaft that attaches your vehicles' transmission to the wheels. CV joints can bend in any direction to allow the wheels to turn at a constant speed. The CV joint, axle, and drive shaft should be inspected periodically and may need to be replaced as your vehicle ages. The rubber boot around the CV joint can deteriorate over time, exposing the CV joint to the elements.

If you hear clinking or clicking from the front or rear of your car, or if you experience vibration while driving, you should have your CV axle shaft inspected as soon as possible. We can make sure that your axle, CV joints and drive shaft are in safe, working order and repair them as needed.

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Servicing All Kinds of Vehicles

Transmissions are an intricate piece of machinery that requires skilled hands to repair. At AJ’s Transmissions, regardless of the age, we service foreign and domestic, standard and automatic cars, trucks, vans, plow trucks, high performance race vehicles, diesels, school busses, commercial vehicles and RVs.