Transmission Fluid Flushing

Many people do not know the suggested life of their transmission fluids or even if they have a problem with their transmissions until it is too late. We offer simple transmission maintenance to prevent these problems from occurring and keeping your vehicle on the road where it belongs.

Checking your transmission fluids periodically is as important as checking your oil. Transmission fluids lubricates your transmission, keeping its parts running cool and clean. By flushing your transmission fluids, we remove the old fluid from the vehicle, make sure no deposits have not built up over time, replace the filter, and refill with fresh, clean transmission fluid.

Our team of mechanics and transmission specialists have served the Akron, Ohio area for over 25 years. We take pride in our work and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a timely accurate service for a fair price.

Servicing All Kinds of Vehicles

Transmissions are an intricate piece of machinery that requires skilled hands to repair. At AJ’s Transmissions, regardless of the age, we service foreign and domestic, standard and automatic cars, trucks, vans, plow trucks, high performance race vehicles, diesels, school busses, commercial vehicles and RVs.